Anti-Mosquito Leggings

I'm a bit surprised these anti-mosquito leggings never (to my knowledge) caught on, because if they actually worked then who cares if they looked dorky. Then again, I suppose DEET had already been discovered.

Danville Morning News - Apr 6, 1937

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Apr 1, 1937

Harrisburg Evening News - Apr 2, 1937

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Feb 12, 2017
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Leggings were an optional part of the Boy Scout uniform that most of us got. In SE Florida, you wanted to wear shorts, due to the heat, but wanted lower protection. They were called "snake leggings," however, and they obviously didn't have the tassels. Probably, the Girl Scouts had that available.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 02/12/17 at 01:02 PM
My grandmother wore pants in 1917. They did a great job of keeping the mosquitoes off. It also led to her arrest for 'disorderly conduct'.
Posted by tadchem on 02/14/17 at 06:55 AM
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