Bridge player caught doping

A doping scandal has rocked the world of competitive bridge. The World Bridge Federation announced that top-ranked player Geir Helgemo has been suspended after he tested positive for synthetic testosterone and the female fertility drug clomifene while playing in the World Bridge Series in Orlando, Florida.

Of course, these drugs don't enhance or otherwise affect one's ability to play bridge. But apparently the World Bridge Federation is recognized by the International Olympic Committee, which means the bridge players need to follow the same anti-doping rules as Olympic athletes.

More details:

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Mar 09, 2019
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This raises many questions:
1. Is the testing accurate?
2. If it is, what effect does this man get by taking a female fertility drug?
3. What kind of doctor do I need to see to get some?
4. Does declarer overtake the heart queen at trick two?
Posted by Virtual on 03/09/19 at 11:45 AM
@Virtual -- Clomifene is also prescribed for hypogonadism (don't use image search if you Google that!). Basically, it's a chemical which kickstarts your gonads, whichever flavor they may be. He's obviously got a problem if they're trying to boost his natural production of testosterone as well as giving him a synthetic.

Posted by Phideaux on 03/09/19 at 02:47 PM
I think the whole International Olympic Committee thing started going down the tubes when it allowed snowboard in as a "discipline."
Posted by KDP on 03/09/19 at 06:52 PM

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