Coconuts:  Production, Processing, Products

Every now and then, WU strives to find a video or book or practice so boring that it merges into true weirdness. I think 311 pages on the humble coconut might qualify. Learn about the ten different cuts of coconut meat, and so much more!

     Posted By: Paul - Tue Jan 24, 2023
     Category: Boredom | Food | Industry, Factories and Manufacturing | Books

I don't care for coconut. It has no taste or flavor for me, even after all the processing. It's just there. It's like the old story of the first person to try an olive straight off the tree and finding it palatable. Who would have done that?
Posted by KDP on 01/24/23 at 12:20 PM
KDP - Desperation most likely. "The bravest man I ever saw... Was the first to eat an oyster raw."
Posted by eddi on 01/25/23 at 05:36 AM

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