Concret PH

A 1958 composition by Iannis Xenakis. Some info about it from YouTube:

Concret PH, the title being a reference to the architectural design and construction material, is a crackling two minutes of pointillistic sounds. Xenakis recorded the sound of burning charcoal, then layered and transposed the recordings to create evolving densities and ranges of snaps, crackles, and pops. This piece, along with Varèse's Poème électronique, remains a classic of the electroacoustic genre.

It has the virtue of being short. But he should have titled it 'Music to eat Rice Krispies by'.

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Jul 18, 2021
     Category: Music | 1950s

I'm going to be humming this for a week.
Posted by Phred22 on 07/18/21 at 06:49 PM
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