Cooking with God

Poe's Law, loosely paraphrased, states that it can be very difficult to tell the difference between parodies of extreme beliefs and sincere expressions of those beliefs.

Confusion of this kind occurred with the 1976 cookbook Cooking With God. The authors, Lori David and Robert Robb, intended it to be, in all seriousness, a religious-themed cookbook. But due to the title, many people apparently assumed it was some kind of joke.

Recipes included Manna Honey Bread, Oasis Stuffed Eggs, Caravan Sweet Potatoes, and Eggs Bathsheba.

If you want a copy to add to your collection of weird cookbooks, you can pick one up used on Amazon for $6.95.

Fort Worth Star Telegram - Mar 16, 1977

     Posted By: Alex - Wed Aug 05, 2020
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What kind of recipes would you have while cooking with Satan? Would everything be too well done? Too high in fats? Too much sugar? Over salted?
Posted by KDP on 08/05/20 at 08:55 AM
To be distinguished from cooking with seitan.
Posted by Dr. Fian on 08/05/20 at 09:35 AM
I cook with the Flying Spaghetti Monster, because this gives me dual use for my religous headwear:
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 08/05/20 at 04:56 PM
@Virtual: show your superiority to both the FSM and Cthulhu in one dish: cook pasta alla marinara!
Posted by Richard Bos on 08/08/20 at 08:59 AM
It’s so awkward when you invite God to dinner, and it turns out He’s on a diet...
Posted by Brian on 08/09/20 at 09:52 PM
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