Death Wish

Police in North Vernon, Indiana say it is obvious this man had a death wish. That may not be so uncommon for men his age and perhaps in his profession, but he accomplished it in a very disturbing fashion. I've followed the events in The North Vernon Plain Dealer & Sun, but I do find it somewhat unnerving that the story is making the rounds through many newspapers in central and southern Indiana, as I fear widespread dissemination of the story may open the door to copycats.
UPDATE: Meth, unsuprisingly, played a role. Greensburg Daily News

Unrelated bonus mugshot from the same paper of Nikkiah C. Weddle, a loving mother, that just appears slothful. I feel that her having smoked marijuana three weeks earlier will play a heavy role in her defense, since we've all smoked a joint that we took almost a full month to recover from.
     Posted By: qualityleashdog - Thu Mar 04, 2010
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Don't worry about copycats so much QLD, people who want to die have an unlimited amount of options. Instead, be angry at the idiot for putting other people's lives at risk to accomplish his goal.
Posted by Nethie on 03/04/10 at 02:40 PM
Well, at least the only killed himself. Couldn't even get suicide by cop right. Whatever happened to good, ol'-fashioned driving into a bridge pier?
Posted by TheCannyScot in Atlanta, GA on 03/04/10 at 06:53 PM
the dude was in the national guard! don't they turn you down if you're crazy?
are we sure she's not downs? she has that look. also she smoked pot when she was 9 months pregnant. not a stellar record as a mom.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 03/04/10 at 08:08 PM
Something about his obit photo seems different. As in his grin. I think it's the norm for photos of people in military uniform to have a stern expression, not a grin. But maybe it's just me.

Yes, she just look downs. But many in "North Vermine," especially CSL (which may be the world's largest trailer park), just have 'that look.'
I'm pretty certain hydrocodone wouldn't have been prescribed while she was pregnant, but she could've had a valid script 9-12 months old that she probably had no business taking at that point in time. Wonder if she's been breastfeeding while taking all that crap? Should've tested the infant to see what was in his system, but probably too late now.
God, I can just imagine how this situation is 100 times worse for her since the mother-in-law is involved as she is.
Posted by qualityleashdog on 03/04/10 at 09:36 PM
mother-in-laws will f-up your day about the kids even when what you are doing is only 'wrong' in their eyes, not in reality. i wondered if she had the pain meds from a c-section or for post-partum pain. if so then she definitely wasn't breast feeding because she wouldn't have had something that strong.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 03/04/10 at 10:24 PM
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