Eurovision Winner:  1967

The annual Eurovision contest is chugging along, and we haven't made fun of a past winner in a while.

Here's the best Europe could offer in 1967, a year when everyone else was listening to revolutionary work by the Doors, the Stones, the Beatles, et al.

Sandie Shaw on Wikipedia.

     Posted By: Paul - Sun Feb 24, 2013
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At least, back then, the "competition" was all about music and singing. Today's version is a total mess of pyrotechnics, fog, acrobatics, screaming and screeching. And, because the whole thing is now commercially voted upon (1 Euro @ vote with a max of 10 votes per phone) it's rare that anyone with true talent actually gathers enough votes to do any good.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 02/24/13 at 01:14 PM
But the Beatles, Stones, and Doors didn't look good in miniskirts.
Posted by Phred22 on 02/24/13 at 03:59 PM
I liked the Russian women . . .
Posted by Phideaux on 02/24/13 at 05:03 PM
Yes, don't forget those mini skirts, and the nipple slips too now-a-days.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/25/13 at 12:04 AM
If I saw Grace Slick, braless and in a thong (1967):belting out"White Rabbit"???
Posted by BMN on 02/25/13 at 02:57 AM
Three words.

My Lovely Horse.
Posted by KDP on 02/25/13 at 10:48 AM
:Here's the best Europe could offer in 1967...."
Yeah, but the Stones and the Beatles are European.
Posted by Billy on 02/26/13 at 06:00 AM
Billy--excellent point, of course! What I clumsily meant to convey was something like "Here's what Europe officially labeled 'best' while everyone else was listening to the Stones and the Beatles."
Posted by Paul on 02/26/13 at 10:17 AM
I've lived here over ten years and I still don't get it.
It's hugely political and in general more show than song.
Posted by Billy on 02/27/13 at 06:26 AM
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