Geek Orgasm Day


Windows 10 is now officially released. I've been up since midnight updating PC's.
My hand is getting tired :roll:
It's nice being off work after being in the hospital to enjoy this day.
     Posted By: BrokeDad - Wed Jul 29, 2015
     Category: Computers

BrokeDad is your other handle Guinea Pig?
Seriously, why in the world would anyone rush to update multiple computers with a newly released OS?
You're crazier than that guy rolling under a moving freight train.
Posted by Billy on 08/05/15 at 05:53 AM
Oh he's got a bunch of computers Billy, he refurbishes them. If it doesn't work right he'll just wipe and reload them. He keeps hubby and I set with computers, he's the best! 😊
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 08/05/15 at 09:51 PM
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