Gloucester Cheese Roll Winner

The annual Gloucester Cheese Roll contest involves chasing a wheel of cheese down Cooper's Hill. The winner of this year's women's race was Delaney Irving of Canada. She won despite getting knocked unconscious while running (falling) down the hill.

I had the chance to visit Cooper's Hill about ten years ago (not during the cheese roll, unfortunately), and I can attest that it's very steep — much steeper than it appears on videos such as the one below. The idea of trying to run down it seems suicidal to me.

More info: The Guardian

(Thanks to Gerald Sacks!)

     Posted By: Alex - Wed May 31, 2023
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The 1st photo at The Guardian story better shows the slope, which looks to be something beyond 45 degrees. The UK equivalent of running with the bulls.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 05/31/23 at 08:09 AM
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