Listerine Cures Dandruff

1937 ad for Listerine. From what I understand, Listerine really is an effective cure for dandruff. However, I assume that most people were reluctant to rub mouthwash in their hair. And nowadays, no company in their right mind would admit in the ad that they tested the product on cute rabbits.

     Posted By: Alex - Tue Aug 06, 2013
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Oh, yeah, (B)Listerene. I remember hearing those urban legends about its effectiveness as a birth control method - one part water to one part Listerene and use as a douche. Or was that Pepsi? No matter, it sounded really painful.
Posted by KDP on 08/06/13 at 09:59 AM
Once (still way back there) while working on a Pepsi truck I got cut to the bone on a broken bottle. As we were servicing (get your mind out of the gutter, BD!) a super market with a resident butcher my boss took me in to him. He grabbed a bottle of Listerine off the shelf and held me down while he poured the whole bottle onto an into the cut. There was absolutely no pain, the bleeding stopped immediately, the cut never got infected and I ever only had a small scar.

I ALWAYS keep this stuff around the house.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 08/06/13 at 11:35 AM
I only "service" ladies who work in major super/service markets Expat !! And you know who !! :red: :cheese: :exclaim:

You wish you could "bag" (or bed) the same.
Posted by BrokeDad in Midwest US on 08/06/13 at 04:20 PM
Listerine was originally formulated in 1879 as a surgical antiseptic.
It was originally used to clean operating rooms, irrigate wounds to prevent infection, and as a gonnerrea treatment!

During the roaring twenties, the company started a massive ad campaign touting it as a mouthwash. (Absolutely NOTHING to do prohibition and Listerene's high alcohol content, I'm Sure. 😊
Posted by Captain DaFt on 08/06/13 at 06:27 PM
It is also supposed to cure toenail fungus. Just soak the feet in Listerine everyday for so long (I forget how long) and it kills the fungus. A regular multi purpose miricle cure.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 08/07/13 at 08:14 AM
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