The man who cut his house in half

The story goes that, in 1976, Eugene Schneider cut his house in half with a chainsaw as a spiteful way of complying with the divorce requirement that he split his assets evenly with his wife.

But as you can see from the photos below, he didn't actually succeed in cutting the house in half, although he did a lot of damage with the chainsaw. It was all eventually repaired, and the house is still standing, in one piece, today. You can view it on Zillow or Google Maps.

Calgary Herald - Mar 30, 1978

Central New Jersey Home News - Aug 6, 1976

New York Daily News - Aug 3, 1976

Charges were filed against Schneider, but somewhat surprisingly (at least, I find it surprising) a jury cleared him of all wrongdoing.

Central New Jersey Home News - Feb 16, 1977

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