Mysterious Hiccups Cure

Sep 1949: After Robert Meier had suffered from hiccups for 8 days, a mysterious stranger showed up at his house unannounced, draped a wet noodle over Meier's head, and cured his hiccups.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle - Sep 9, 1949

     Posted By: Alex - Sat May 27, 2023
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What I want to know is how this mystery man found Meier in the first place.
Posted by Richard Bos on 05/28/23 at 12:33 PM
I certainly wish this mysterious stranger would have come to my house some years ago, when I had chronic hiccups. Good to know the magic cure, in case it happens again and his hiccup radar doesn't pick me up again. Hopefully, the black candles don't have to be any particular shape.
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 05/29/23 at 03:40 AM
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