Phyl and Mikhy

     Posted By: Paul - Thu Jul 25, 2019
     Category: Games | Ineptness, Crudity, Talentlessness, Kitsch, and Bad Art | Sports | Television | Foreign Customs | 1980s | Russia

I draw a complete blank on this one. I don't recognize any of the actors and non of the production personnel names are familiar. Perhaps it was a blessing that it didn't succeed.
Posted by KDP on 07/25/19 at 09:34 AM
Don't recall the show, but the female lead looked vaguely familiar. She is still active, and her IMDB page indicates she has guested on a lot of TV shows. And if you are of a certain age, you DO know Jack Dodson, whether you realize it or not. He played Howard Sprague on Andy Griffith.
Posted by FRANK on 07/25/19 at 11:50 AM
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