Puppet Officer Brendan O’Smarty

1993: Under pressure from his superiors to stop carrying his ventriloquist dummy with him while on patrol, San Francisco Police Officer Bob Geary decided to take the matter to the voters. He formed the "Committee to Save Puppet Officer Brendan O'Smarty" and succeeded in putting the issue on the ballot.

The voters decided by a narrow margin of 51% to 49% to allow him to continue patrolling with Brendan O'Smarty.

This turns out not to be the first puppet officer we've posted about. Just a few months ago, Paul posted about puppet officer Jerry McSafety. I wonder how many more puppet officers there are?

More info: wikipedia, alchetron

Geary with Puppet Officer Brendan O'Smarty

     Posted By: Alex - Fri Jun 18, 2021
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