Riding Table Saw

What could possibly go wrong?

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     Posted By: Paul - Sun Feb 25, 2018
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This was way ahead of its time!

These days, virtually all you see in stores are "jobsite" saws. Most decent ones under a thousand dollars come on a cart or collapsible stand so you can wheel them to where you're working. Only cheap ones ($150 or less) of questionable quality come on fixed stands. Better ones (until you get into cabinet saws) might have a stand, but it'll also have wheels for moving it around.

I recently had to replace my old reliable bench saw. The best one for my purposes came with a cart which also sells separately for $120! Could I buy just the saw because I'd be mounting it on a bench? Of course not!

I bet if you made a modernized version of Hiller's saw-tractor, they'd sell like crazy.
Posted by Phideaux on 02/25/18 at 11:34 AM
Fun for the kids!
Posted by Brian on 02/26/18 at 08:52 AM
Just don't make any sudden stops!
Posted by KDP on 02/26/18 at 02:21 PM
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