Rocket-Powered Iceboat

Before we leave winter behind entirely, let us ponder this refinement of a cold-weather recreation.

This company had a rich and fascinating aeronautical history which you can read at the link. But surely we afficionados of the weird will want to honor them for creating a rocket-propelled iceboat.

Rocket iceboat can do 250 miles per hour A rocket-propelled iceboat capable of a speed of 250 miles an hour on smooth ice has been designed by Reaction Motors , Inc of America , and tested on frozen Lake Hopatcong New Jersey . The boat weighs 1,648 pounds. Photo shows: The iceboat streaking over Lake Hopatcong piloted by Puck Wellington. It was travelling at 95 miles an hour , rough ice and snow patches made higher speeds dangerous . 7 March 1947

     Posted By: Paul - Thu Mar 17, 2022
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These were the guys who were part of sending us to space flight.
Posted by KDP on 03/17/22 at 08:50 AM
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