Sleeping Women as Window Displays

In 1950, several store owners independently realized that they could draw big crowds by having a woman sleeping in a bed as a window display.

"LAZY BONES" . . . Dreamed up as an advertising stunt by the proprietor of a Berlin linen shop, this display draws big crowds daily. The girl in bed, caressed by the firm's fine linen, is Thea, a Berlin dancer, who "sleeps" in the store window for about five hours a day. During her sojourn in the window, the sidewalk out front is jammed with people, but most of them are men who come, not to admire the sheets, but to admire the occupant.
Edinburg Daily Courier - Mar 21, 1950

As curious Washingtonians peer through a downtown store window, Mary Jane Hayes, "Miss Washington," feigns sleep in demonstrating a "sleep learning" gadget in the capital city yesterday. P.S. — She wore a strapless nightgown.
-Cumberland Evening Times - Mar 9, 1950
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