Sweat Perfume

Finnish ad agency Mirum Helsinki has created a perfume it's calling "Creative Essence." The raw material for it is sweat collected from employees, “in the midst of a workout, a sauna treatment, or in one case, gustatory sweating caused by extra spicy chicken wings.”

The agency is hoping the perfume will serve as a recruiting tool. Explains a rep:

“We believe sweat represents the creative passion we share as creatives. Excitement, goosebumps, the peak moments when our heartbeat rises during the visceral creative process that requires dedication and teamwork.… [It} may even shock people when they first hear about it, but it was a calculated risk we believed was worth taking since our target audience—the most creative people in the advertising industry—would be able to see behind the sweat… They would understand what we actually are talking about: creative talent and all the forms it can take.”

More info: creativeessence.mirum.fi, Quartz

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Aug 24, 2019
     Category: Advertising | Perfume and Cologne and Other Scents

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