Teen Suicide Inspired by Media!

Yes, a "contemporary" trend happening in 1921.

Original story here.
Posted By: Paul - Fri Jul 29, 2016
Category: Death, Suicide, Movies, Teenagers, 1920s

My comment disappeared - don't know if it will return. In case it doesn't, I wanted to point out (in case the OP missed it) that this was the brother of Oscar-winning actress Katharine Hepburn.
Posted by Beaverhausen on 07/31/16 at 10:09 AM
Not sure if anyone realizes this...but this is Katherine Hepburn's brother. She recalled the incident in one of her biographies.
Posted by Margaret on 08/05/16 at 08:31 PM
Wow. I never knew about that. This link is from National Enquirer, but I won't hold that against the information.

Posted by Pup Tentacle on 08/06/16 at 12:24 AM
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