The Art of Chris Mars

If you dig weird art, you could not get more satisfaction anywhere than at Chris Mars's site, where he's just added some new paintings.

While you're viewing the site, spin some discs by the Replacements. Mars was their drummer before his painting career.

My story, "Jack Neck and the Worrybird," which attempts to capture in prose the weird imagery straight from Mars's paintings, is contained in my collection Little Doors
     Posted By: Paul - Fri Aug 01, 2008
     Category: Art | Literature | Fantasy | Music

I think the only frightened and confused person here is you, P.T., fantasy figures have been a feature of art since at least the 15th century, the works of Hieronymus Bosch being notable early examples.

Your attempt to spin art you don't like as something dangerous and disturbed, something to be shunned, is both puerile and facile.
Posted by Dumbfounded on 12/09/10 at 07:01 AM
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