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Are there really enough good baseball jokes to fill even a small book? Maybe if you eliminate the requirement of "good." I see some contemporary compilations for sale at Amazon, etc. And then we have this site.

"A young lady arrived at her first ballgame during the 5th inning. "The score is 0 to 0," she heard a nearby fan say. "Oh, good," she cooed to her boyfriend, "then we haven't missed a thing."

The source for the illo.
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Mel Famey was an erratic pitcher at best and was the last in the lineup for relief. Which meant that he was a great benchwarmer. Mel spent most of his time in the bullpen watching the game and imbibing beer on the sly.

One day, his team was up against the league's best, playing at home and in the bottom of the ninth with two out, the score tied, and two runners on. The last relief man had been hit by a line drive from the last hitter and had to retire from the mound. The manager had gone through every relief pitcher in the lineup and had only Mel left on his lineup card.

With an exasperated sigh the manager signaled for Mel to take the mound.

Mel made his way to the mound with only a hint of unsteadiness. He walked the first hitter. The crowd started to boo. Mel threw a strike, a ball, another ball. Then Mel seemed to settle down and took a long pause. He wound up and threw a perfect ball over the catcher's head. The winning run walked over the plate and the game was over.

On their way into the showers, the opposing team walked by the bullpen and noticed the empty beer cups stacked in the corner. One player remarked, "Well, that answers why we won. There's the beer that made Mel Famey walk us."
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