Brain Worms

Brain worms can be contracted by eating undercooked pork, as well as by coming into contact with someone who has worm eggs in their body and who hasn't washed their hands.

But the good news about brain worms is that they're generally less dangerous than having a brain tumor. Which is why a Phoenix-area woman was relieved when her brain tumor turned out to be a brain worm. The reason I'm posting this on Weird Universe: because Fox 10 Chattanooga has a video of the worm being removed (still alive) from her brain.
     Posted By: Alex - Thu Nov 20, 2008
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At first I was a little nervous cause I'm sitting here eating breakfast and watching a video on removing a worm from someone's brain...but that wasn't bad.

Good ole Chattanooga coming through for us. If it's not nasty hookers, it's nasty brain worm videos...which is better looking than the hookers.

I love the comments on prayer and how it worked. How did it work? If it would've worked then the whole thing would have been gone. Am I to believe that God just changed the tumor into a worm? Those types of comments, in my opinion, are so stupid and don't show that prayer works.
Posted by Madd Maxx on 11/20/08 at 08:28 AM
Maybe she should have prayed for the tumor to turn into a bundle of cash to pay for the operation.

Gary - you made it kind of hard to beat your comment about the pastrami sandwich. LOL
Posted by Madd Maxx on 11/20/08 at 02:28 PM
i'm sure you're right about that last jeff. but also i think some things must run their course. i'm not sure everything is negotable. perhaps creation came with a set of rules of nature that god observes as well. choices we make can have unforseen outcomes that we must live with as concequences of our own acts. perhaps god observes what we value as good parenting for our children. on a grander scale with more serious consequences of course. placebo effect is a scientific fact. if the mind believes in a treatment sufficiently, even if it is bogus chemically, then the body can have positive effects and in some cases even healing. perhaps in some cases the key to our own personal 'miracles' is in a gift we have already recieved. we only use a portion of our brain power how many answers are there for us to find, if only we become mentally strong enough to access it. is he sitting back waiting for us to figure out how to sucessfully use that which he has already given us? i have more questions than answers, but i believe god is there. i, like many here, am a product of my upbringing and can't imagine a world where god doesn't exsist. that does not mean that i don't question all the evil in the world or why good people suffer and bad people prosper. but there is so much good too. so much love and beauty it just can't all be chance. death just can't mean i won't ever see daddy or grandma or all thse i've lost ever again. i can't believe my death is lights out and my babies will be lost to me forever as well. that love, those connections must go on. all of it has to mean something greater. those beliefs are as much a part of me as my blood and bones. am i certain of the exact nature of all of it? no. but i don't have to know exactly how an engine works to drive a car. it just is. for those who don't believe (and you know who you are) i respect you and your intellegence. i especially respect you if you are a good and kind person for you don't feel you have some great reward coming for it. i just don't agree. jeff you make me think about my faith, something i do too little of, thank you.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/08/09 at 09:41 AM
sorry the above is so long. :red: i hope it's not too boring.
Posted by Patty in Ohio, USA on 02/08/09 at 09:43 AM
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