Cooking with Scraps

Good idea, or a kind of "stone soup" scheme? I add stones and water, you dump in all the veggies and meat. Now it tastes great!

     Posted By: Paul - Sun Jan 06, 2019
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Just give it an esoteric European name; those corn cobs and chicken bones will taste fine. Invite the Insinkerator family.
Posted by Virtual on 01/06/19 at 07:25 AM
How American. Waste 50% of your beef, then obsess about the bean water. Learn to make stock, already!

The green part of a leek is not "scraps". The tough bits, yes, but what she uses is just... leek. It's not the fussy, I've-never-eaten-a-liver-and-am-scared-of-the-idea bit of the leek, but it's perfectly ordinary leek.

"Aquafaba" is not a food at all, it never has been, what it is is a vegan fad. Popular in California, I'm sure. Sane people don't even look at it.

Cheese rind, again, is just cheese. Peel the wax off and grate (or nibble on!) the rest, and stop whining.

Carrot tops should be fed to the rabbits. They love 'em. Bugs Bunny notwithstanding, the actual carrot isn't all that good for them, there's too much sugar in it and they over-eat, but carrot tops are great. Yes, you can eat them, too, but they're not that nice. Good for the aforementioned stock, though. (Beetroot tops, now, that's another matter. After all, that's what chard is.)

Banana and pineapple peels, though? No. Just no.

(Oh, and virtual: yes! Those chicken bones do go well in stock. Maybe corn cobs as well, I never have those. But parsley stems, celeriac tops, that not yet moldy but quite manky onion and carrot? Stock! And if you've roasted a chicken or bought a hake whole, their bones (and the head of the hake) can go in to make chicken or fish stock. Much nicer than that overly-salted cube stuff.)
Posted by Richard Bos on 01/12/19 at 06:11 AM
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