Farrah Fawcett Lookalike Contest Winners

In the late 1970s, Farrah Fawcett was, without a doubt, the most famous sex symbol in the world, thanks to her best-selling poster and role on Charlie's Angels. For a while, a Farrah craze swept the nation, inspiring a slew of lookalike contests. Below are some of the winners.

Mary Gallagher
In February 1977, Mary Gallagher beat out 280 other wannabe Farrahs in a nationwide lookalike contest held in Detroit. She subsequently became the best-known Farrah lookalike. People magazine even ran a feature about her.

Gallagher posing in front of the Farrah poster.
Detroit Free Press - Feb 2, 1977

In her day job, Gallagher was a clerk for the UPS, but after winning the contest she signed up with a modeling agency and landed various paid appearances as a Farrah lookalike, such as a gig (below) at Rosella's furniture store in Greenville, Mississippi. (Dobbs was her married name.)

Delta Democrat-Times - Jun 24, 1977

Shari Matichuk

Calgary Herald - Oct 7, 1978

Debbie Harriman

Tampa Bay Times - May 23, 1977

Tampa Bay Times - July 22, 1977

Denise Hanlon

Los Angeles Times - Oct 6, 1978

Chicago Tribune - Oct 2, 1978

Betty Blake

Boston Globe - May 2, 1977

Shirley Campbell

Philadelphia Daily News - June 18, 1977

Terri Coston

Carlsbad Current Argus - May 16, 1977

Honorable Mention Losers
I found reports of two guys who entered Farrah lookalike contests: James Van Akkeren of Sheboygan and Pete Wagner of the University of Minnesota. Neither of them won. And unfortunately I can't find a picture of either one.

Pocono Record - Aug 10, 1977

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Could they pass facial recognition software? Or deepfake videos? Some celebrity look-a-likes are very close, others not so much, in my humble opinion.
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