For Carl Andre

For Carl Andre is a 1970 artwork by Lynda Benglis. It consists of a heap of polyurethane foam sitting in the corner of a room. It's owned by the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

The title refers to the sculptor Carl Andre, known for his ultra-minimalist works. For instance, one of Andre's more famous works, Equivalent VIII, consisted of a rectangular stack of bricks. The Fort Worth Art Museum catalog notes:

Benglis uses Andre's name in her piece, but the point she makes is not strictly pejorative. The work is an ironic and humorous homage to Andre's art, which is characteristically made of ordered, flat, modular shapes combined with simple slabs of metal or stone that sit directly on the floor or, like Benglis's piece, are installed in the corner.

So it's not "strictly pejorative," but maybe it's slightly so? Or satirical?
     Posted By: Alex - Wed Feb 08, 2023
     Category: Art | 1970s | Satire

It resembles a pile of something the horse left behind. If that's not pejorative then I missed the definition of the word.
Posted by KDP on 02/08/23 at 03:50 PM
Yet another art piece Krushkev wouldn't have liked.
Posted by Yudith on 02/10/23 at 06:34 AM
Still better than anything called "For Peter Andre".
Posted by Richard Bos on 02/11/23 at 10:56 AM
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