Hot Dogs vs Hamburgers

According to a study conducted by Dr. Leo Wollman (and reported in Omni magazine in 1980), one's preference for hot dogs or hamburgers when going out for a quick lunch has a deeper significance:

The study of 3000 persons concludes that hot-dog eaters tend to be outgoing, aggressive, ambitious extroverts while hamburger fanciers are quieter introverted more conservative types. Wollman describes hamburger eaters as a bit on the wimpy side.
"The people who eat hot dogs usually grab it and go," he said. "Hamburger eaters take more time. They're better dressed executive types, used to making decisions—well done, rare, ketchup or mustard."

I like both hot dogs and hamburgers, but if I was pressed for time I'd probably grab a hot dog over a hamburger. However, I don't match Wollman's hot-dog personality type at all. So I wouldn't put much stock in his results. And digging into his bio a bit further, it doesn't seem that he was exactly known for his credibility as a researcher.

Omni - July 1980

     Posted By: Alex - Sat Dec 01, 2018
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This looks like a photocopy of an actual page. Do you have old copies of Omni? I subscribed to that magazine and loved it. It was a sad day when publication ended.
Posted by Fritz G on 12/01/18 at 08:21 AM
Fritz, there are various archives of Omni around the web, such as here:
Posted by Alex on 12/01/18 at 10:13 AM
Thanks, Alex! I bookmarked that site and will be spending some time browsing there when I have more time.
Posted by Fritz G on 12/01/18 at 11:44 AM
Ah yes, Omni - pop science from the guy who brought you "Penthouse Letters". The "science" about equal to the "I can't believe this happened to me, but" for veracity.
Posted by John on 12/01/18 at 01:05 PM
I thought it was hot dogs vs. fish tacos.
Posted by F.U.D. on 12/01/18 at 02:50 PM
While I prefer a burger, slow cooked to medium over a charcoal grill with just a bit of fresh ground pepper as seasoning, I am not averse to a hot dog once in while. But I choose those marked as 100% beef on the label or, if I can find them, from a local butcher.

When I lived in Minnesota, hot dogs made locally with a "natural" casing (probably washed intestine) were available. I found them at the State Fair among the food vendors. Those were some of the best I've ever tasted - the snap when I bit through the case and the flavorful rush of juices were so satisfying.

Never put ketchup on a real hot dog. Save that for the $0.98 a pack dogs from Walmart.
Posted by KDP on 12/01/18 at 08:49 PM
@KDP - I agree with your choices: cooking the hamburger over charcoal is my preferred method, and it is very easy to find small restaurants in my area that have a charcoal grill (I live just outside the bratwurst capital of the world, Sheboygan, Wisconsin). As for hot dogs, or wieners, the only ones I eat are also those in a casing. I prefer those made locally by Miesfeld's Triangle Market, which has been in business since 1941. They also make the only summer sausage I really like. You'd never catch me eating a skinless hot dog, at least not if I have a choice (e.g., if I'm at a ballpark and that's all they serve, I might have one).
Posted by Fritz G on 12/01/18 at 09:11 PM
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