Important mother-daughter conversation

I'm not sure of the exact date when this ran, but from the price of the shirts, it must have been sometime in the 1960s.

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Mar 26, 2018
     Category: Advertising | Underwear

They didn't mention the most important thing, which is you don't waste money buying new underwear because his is full of holes. A man's underwear is just beginning to get broken in at that stage.
Posted by Virtual on 03/26/18 at 10:07 AM
Snug ? NO! Tighty Whiteys? NO! The boys need room to breath.
Posted by F.U.D. on 03/26/18 at 10:42 AM
Fruit of the Loom always had the absolute best television commercials!
Posted by Phideaux on 03/26/18 at 11:34 AM
The most important thing about men’s underwear is that you should discourage your husband from walking around in his tighty-whiteish when you have company.
Posted by Brian on 03/26/18 at 12:22 PM
One of the French kids at university told me that most Europeans don't wear such undies because they resemble diapers. (No jokes about no undies at all, please.)
Posted by KDP on 03/26/18 at 02:29 PM
Dunno about Europe proper, but the British have a term for men's briefs (y-fronts), so at least some of them must wear them.
Posted by ges on 03/27/18 at 12:06 AM
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