Inventions of Buckminster Fuller, Part 5: Dymaxion Sleep

This was more a concept than an invention. It is also known as polyphasic sleep, meaning sleeping at more than one interval during a day. Although not really invented by Fuller, he did popularize it and gave it a catchy nickname. Bucky claims to have slept only 30 minutes every 6 hours and did not suffer any ill effects. You can read a story about it in Time Magazine's archives.
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There have been lots of studies done on the subject. It appears that the most successful technique for polyphasic sleep is to sleep about 4 hours at night, with 3 half hour naps at regular intervals during the day. Patty, you are correct in that REM sleep is the most important part of sleep, but when people are even slightly sleep deprived, REM sleep can be achieved in a few minutes, rather than 40 to 50 minutes.
Posted by Matt in Florida on 06/11/09 at 10:11 AM
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