Kicked To Death By A Camel

According to the article "Camel-Related Deaths" in The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology:

Deaths associated with camels involve kicking, stomping, kneeling or sitting on a victim, or biting and shaking and throwing. Lethal mechanisms include hemorrhage from vascular injuries and internal organ disruption, crush asphyxia, and blunt craniospinal injuries. Death may also follow falls from camels or vehicle collisions.

Some searching for examples of camel-related deaths led me to discover a book with the oddball title, Kicked To Death By A Camel, published in 1973.

The author, Clarence J.L. Jackson, was a pseudonym for Richard W. Bulliet, a history professor at Harvard (and later Columbia University). On his Amazon page he writes:

My first novel, Kicked to Death by a Camel, was nominated for an Edgar in the category of Best First Mystery. Some readers have maintained that the best thing about it was the title. Neither Kicked to Death nor any of my subsequent novels, most recently Chakra and The One-Donkey Solution, met much commercial success, but they enabled me to make stories out of my personal experiences, mostly during travels to the Middle East.

Sounds like it could be a fun read. If you're interested, you can either buy a used copy or check it out via

Shreveport Times - Sep 23, 1973

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That got me to thinking about the horses my parents kept while I was growing up. They were docile for the most part but once in a while one would get ornery and kick out. Believe me, with feet like rocks you only want to be kicked once to get the point.
Posted by KDP on 05/22/23 at 02:55 PM
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