The Mayonnaise Lady

In 1973, UC Davis fired Doris Judd from her job as a sandwich maker in the school's cafeteria, citing her "failure to spread mayonnaise to the edges of sandwich bread." Her supervisors also complained that she was slow putting sauerkraut on hot dogs, and had once made too many sloppy joes, which then had to be thrown out.

Judd subsequently sued the university for unlawful termination, arguing that the real reason she was fired was because the university was trying to save money by eliminating older workers. In the ensuing media coverage, she was nicknamed the "Mayonnaise Lady."

The judge agreed with her, remarking that the charges against her seemed "trivial" and ordered that she be rehired. Back on the job, she was assigned to work the grill, rather than sandwich duty. But apparently she didn't stay long, retiring soon after with the money from the settlement.

via Center for Sacramento History

Los Angeles Times, July 17, 1974

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Since the 70's I have seen this many times. Mainly to cut costs but also when management changes to make it easier to use their own management style.
Ex watched people fired days before retirement (losing benefits) because son took over the family business and he wanted make it more attractive in order to sell the business.
Posted by Phil on 05/05/19 at 08:29 AM
Click bait video showing Patty Hearst.
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Note the name of the Sound Mix person at 1:17.
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