Miss Gary Cigaret

In 1944, a newspaper in Gary, Indiana held a beauty contest to select a "Miss Gary Cigaret." The public were encouraged to vote, with each vote costing five cents. All the funds raised would be used to send cigarettes to American soldiers.

Over $15,000 was eventually raised, which was able to buy six million cigarettes (or 300,000 packs).

The contest winner, Irene Kuchta, got to model a bathing suit made of cigarettes.

Vidette-Messenger of Porter County - Sep 22, 1944

Windsor Star - Sep 9, 1944

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Sounds like cigarettes cost 5 cents a pack. I tried to find the price of cigarettes in 1944 and the closest I got was someone reminiscing that his father sent him to the store in 1940 to buy cigarettes and gave him 7 cents. Presumably 5 cents was what the manufacturer charged in bulk. In any case, it's no wonder so many people smoked. Five cents (or 7 cents) back then would be right around a dollar in today's money. Average price in the US today is $8.
Posted by ges on 04/05/24 at 03:53 PM

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