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I'm sure some psychologist must have conducted a study to see how much pain people would suffer in order to avoid embarrassment. If not, the case of Marcy Kwapil, chosen as "1975 model of the year" in Racine, Wisconsin, would offer an example. Rather than risk the embarrassment of disrupting a parade to get off the burning hot hood of a car, she suffered through to the end, incurring third-degree burns.

Roanoke Times - Aug 19, 1975

Below is the only picture I could find of Marcy Kwapil. She's the second from the right.

Racine Journal Times - Oct 25, 1973

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I remember reading an Encyclopedia Brown that hinged on the notion that someone would not be able to withstand contact with a hot car hood.
Posted by Ross on 05/03/23 at 06:37 AM
That must have ruined any chance she had at posing nude.

I heard a family story of a guy who was going to change the oil in a car without letting it cool down first because 'you just have to be careful to not touch the hot parts.' When he went o open the hood, he burned his hand on on the chrome trim. Forever after, whenever he made any kind of 'I know better' statement, his mom would raise her hand and wiggle her fingers to remind him of the dangers of being pompous.
Posted by Phideaux on 05/03/23 at 09:33 AM
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