Ninety-five Years of the Shenandoah Queens

I like the fact that they choose Queens from outside their region. Long may she reign!

First photo source: The Daily News Leader (Staunton, Virginia)10 Mar 1959, Tue Page 12

The home page.

Apparently, the Court also includes Apple Blossom Princesses.

Source: The Daily News Leader (Staunton, Virginia) 22 Mar 1957, Fri Page 3

Source of article: The Times Dispatch (Richmond, Virginia) 04 May 1957, Sat Page 3

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I need to finish my morning coffee before reading these posts. I read it as Apple Bosom Festival instead of Apple Blossom Festival.
Posted by Fritz on 06/24/22 at 07:35 AM
"Apple Bosom Festival" would make sense, albeit with a completely different vibe. Beyond just saying "She's got a nice pear," or "Look at her melons!" there are actual relationship size guides, as in: you're in a relationship and trying to buy lingerie without knowing her cup size, so you tell the clerk she's the size of an apple, or a grapefruit, etc.

Per one guild:
A cup = kiwi
B cup = apple
C cup = orange
D cup = grapefruit
DD cup = melon (as in cantaloupe, not watermelon)

A demonstration of the principle is at:
(Warning: That might be NSFW depending on your boss's attitude towards seeing bras on a mannequin.)
Posted by Phideaux on 06/24/22 at 12:17 PM
Chesty Morgan would have been a watermelon.
If your girlfriend says "kumquat", forget the bra. She only needs to scotch-tape her nipples for work.
Posted by Yudith on 07/01/22 at 06:40 AM
@Yudith -- if a woman says "kumquat," I'll follow her anywhere. It's one of those words, like "squeegee" or "Yankton," that strikes me as a high-class euphemism. Yes, I know better, but the back part of my brain insists on giggling at it.
Posted by Phideaux on 07/01/22 at 02:22 PM
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