Peanut Butter Floor

An art installation consisting of peanut butter spread out on a floor in a giant rectangle. The Museum Bojimans Van Beuningen website provides some historical context:

The Peanut butter floor was first performed at Galerie Mickery in Loenersloot in 1969 and subsequently exhibited in a retrospective exhibition by Wim T. Schippers in the Centraal Museum in Utrecht. In 2011, the Peanut butter floor was on display in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen. Schippers' peanut butter installation is a work of art that can be executed in various ways. The floor sculpture in Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, for example, was not completely square, but this time it was 4 x 12 meters. Visitors could ask questions to Wim T. Schippers via an interactive video (called: Peanut butter post), who responded to a selection of these questions via the webcam.

I guess the five-second rule would no longer apply.

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     Posted By: Alex - Tue Feb 11, 2020
     Category: Art | Food

Is it real peanut butter? The kind where you have to stir it once in a while to put the oil back into suspension? That other stuff with all those additives isn't real peanut butter and that's what it looks like in the second photo.
Posted by KDP on 02/11/20 at 12:56 PM
The things that pass for art these days!

I would love to see a cat let loose on it and leave a bunch of little paw prints all over it.
Posted by Judy on 02/11/20 at 02:24 PM
A couple of scientific experiments come to mind.

Hang a camera over it. Put half a dozen colonies of different kinds of ants on it. Record the patterns as the ants eat down to the base. Will some make tracks/tunnels while others eat an ever-increasing circle clean? How territorial will they be when the food resource is so perfectly uniform? Etc.

Put half a dozen breeding-age mice in the center. Put half a dozen cats in the room. How will intense dislike for walking on that surface limit the cats' dining habits? Will there come a time when the mice realize they're in a starve-or-be-eaten scenario, when their next meal will clean enough of the surface that a cat will be able to walk over to them?

Posted by Phideaux on 02/11/20 at 08:28 PM
My dog would call this “heaven.”
Posted by Brian on 02/12/20 at 11:11 PM
Fun fact: Wim T. Schippers is also the voice of Ernie and Kermit on the Dutch version of Sesame Street, and together with Paul Haenen (as Bert) was so liked by Jim Henson himself that he gave them permission to write their own material - at that point, the only people granted that honour.
Posted by Richard Bos on 02/16/20 at 09:12 AM
This was already mentioned on WU several years ago. Someone stepped into the peanut butter:
Posted by Rene Bos on 02/21/20 at 03:57 PM
Rene -- Great catch! That's some impressive memory skills!
Posted by Alex on 02/21/20 at 07:29 PM
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