Promoting English Wine

Aug 1985: Four British ex-servicemen, all missing both their legs, embarked on a tour of France to promote English wines. Their motto: "You don't have to be legless to enjoy English wine."

Some explanation may be needed for Americans. 'Legless' is British slang for 'very drunk.'

London Daily Telegraph - Aug 10, 1985

     Posted By: Alex - Mon Feb 05, 2024
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English wine?!
Posted by ges on 02/06/24 at 07:57 AM
You are right to be sceptical, ges. It's about as good as Italian beer.
Posted by Richard Bos on 02/11/24 at 03:48 AM
That reminds me of an ad where a guy was serving dinner at home to his date and found his Ch√Ęteau de France bottle empty. His date then sees him pouring the content of an English wine box into the bottle. I don't remember what the ad was selling, but the general message was "Don't be a cheapskate".
Posted by Yudith on 02/11/24 at 06:40 AM
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