Incentive your employees to be honest by surreptitiously hiring a thief whom you can ‘catch’ and publicly shame.

Pomona Progress Bulletin - July 23, 1974

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Do they also rent employees to fire to placate angry customers? Those rent-a-thief would also work wonders as "mystery shoppers" whose job would be to bring full shopping carts to 8-items-only lanes, for example, before being scolded and removed by managers.
Posted by Yudith on 10/07/18 at 07:02 AM
And why, pray tell was the thief purveyor no longer managing that store ?
Posted by John on 10/07/18 at 11:43 AM
Many years ago I worked in a factory that assembled computer monitors. One day a new employee arrived at my assembly station. He was nice enough. We chatted back and forth about this and that as we went about the days duties. A few years after leaving the job I was chatting with another former employee who told me the man who was working at my station was the nephew of the company owner. Shortly after I left the owner learned that his nephew was caught stealing computer monitors. For a time, unknown to me, I was suspected as being the thief. That was one of the reasons the nephew was hired, to keep an eye one me. When the volume of stolen items did not decrease, the owner installed cameras throughout the factory. The culprit, ironically, was the nephew who being groomed to take over the business when his uncle retired!

agent j
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