Shreddies vs. Shredded Wheat

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The Wikipedia entries for Shredded Wheat and Shreddies fail to explain the overlapping existence of two identical cereals from the originator, Nabisco. Much investigation needs to be done. Was one more for the Canadian market?
     Posted By: Paul - Fri Apr 24, 2020
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Notice that the size is the only difference between the products. Although the large biscuit is still made, (And is the biscuit I prefer, although it may be harder to locate on the shelf.) the small biscuit seems to be prevalent on the shelf. The small biscuit allows the customer to pour more of the cereal in the bowl. This follows along with the typical American attitude about quantity - If a little is good, more must be better.

When I lived in Minneapolis the local grocers carried a brand named Barbara's which was produced as a large, round, bowl filling biscuit. Sort of like having a hockey puck for breakfast. I miss that brand.
Posted by KDP on 04/24/20 at 10:10 AM
The picture in the Wikipedia article on Shreddies shows something that looks like Chex, not like shredded wheat. The poor-resolution picture in the ad looks like shredded wheat. It also says "flavored with malt sugar and salt," as opposed to shredded wheat which is just whole wheat with no additional ingredients. Clearly it was aimed at the U.S. market, given that Daytona Beach is a long way from Canada and "flavored" was spelled the American way. My surmise is that the Shreddies of the ad and the Shreddies of Canada and the U.K. are two different products.
Posted by ges on 04/24/20 at 10:49 AM
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