To wives who leave their husbands at home…

Remember his "household helplessness."

See the recent post "How to live without a woman" for another example from the 1930s of male household helplessness (aka strategic incompetence).

Marysville Advocate - Aug 6, 1936

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At one time the same ploy was used to sell homes with Darren McGavin as the poor sap whose wife deserts him for a couple of days, leaving him to care for his young son and the house. Hilarity ensues. McGavin relents and buys a new house in the end.
Posted by KDP on 02/15/23 at 06:18 PM
and of course there's the part where he "sings" because he's so happy to be rid of his wife.
Posted by arline on 02/16/23 at 09:01 AM
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