Touch of Yogurt Shampoo

Test-marketed in 1979 and soon abandoned. I think the decision to promote it alongside yogurt makers and yogurt cookbooks couldn't have helped, because it made you wonder, am I supposed to eat it or put it in my hair?

More info here.

Springfield News Leader - Sep 19, 1979

St. Louis Post-Dispatch - Mar 26, 1980

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Mar 11, 2018
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"It's a dessert topping!"
"It's a floor wax!"
"You're both right. It's desert topping and floor wax!" :lol:
Posted by KDP on 03/11/18 at 06:19 PM
In the late 70s yogurt was suddenly trendy, so it’s not surprising that it popped up in some rather strange places.
Posted by Brian on 03/12/18 at 08:35 AM
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