Weird Canadian Commercials

In an effort to prove to Nethie that not all Canadian commercials are horrifically realistic scenes of brutal workplace accidents, I am pleased to present some of the weirdest commercials to grace our northern TV screens.

These are all part of the same campaign of ads for Mac's Milk's Frosters drinks. Basically, it's convenience store advertising some new flavours (not flavors) of slush drinks that they had just come out with. At least, I think that's what they were advertising. The whole WTF line of ad more or less just gave us insight into how deanged ad-men really are.

Yeah, I think Hate Crime is a good place to start. It really says nothing about the product in question, but speaks volumes about the sanity (or lack thereof) of those invoved in creating the commercial. My personal favourite, Mr Tree, is potentially NSFW. It will at the very leastinspire consderable suspicion about you if you do decide to watch it in the office.

Jose's Garden isn't necessarily NSFW, butI recommend caution watching it if you are offended by gardening shows.

If you enjoy these, try looking for more videos on Google Video or YouTube by querying +Mac's +WTF. You'll learn more about interpretive dance, implanted telephones, unicorns, ostrich eggs, and spleenminton.
     Posted By: kingmonkey - Thu May 21, 2009
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If I didn't have errands to run today, I'd still be sitting here a few hours from now with my mouth hanging open and the letters WTF hovering over my head.

Thank you for sharing this. Really. If the pot of boiling water melting the woman's face off won't give me nightmares, the Hate Crime one will.

*note to self, stay away from Canada*
Posted by Nethie on 05/21/09 at 11:15 AM
Just to clarify, Beckers, couche in French is pronounced coosh. Of course, a lot of French words sound like swears without being so. My favourite is flocon de maïs, pronounced sort of like "flockone d' mah-eess". Sure it means corn flakes but, man, does it ever sound rude.
Posted by kingmonkey in Athens, Ontario on 05/21/09 at 07:07 PM
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