The Cremain Comic Book

We've posted before about how, when Frisbee-inventor Ed Headrick died in 2002, his ashes were incorporated into special-edition frisbees that were sold for $200.

Along similar lines, when comic book writer Mark Gruenwald died in 1996, some of his cremains were mixed into the printer's ink for the trade paperback compilation of his Squadron Supreme graphic novel. As explained by his widow:

The whole ash thing was a complete fluke when we wrote up our wills in 1992; he put in a direction to have me cremate him and put his ashes into a comic book. Yeah, yeah…that will never happen, I thought to myself. Little did I know, four years later I’d be doing just that. And Marvel cooperated and we did it! I drove up to the plant in Connecticut and stirred the ashes into the ink that was used for Squadron Supreme, his best-selling graphic novel. That all happened between 1996-97.

If you're interested, You can buy a copy of the cremain edition on eBay for $199.99.

I wonder how many other mass-produced items have contained someone's cremains?

     Posted By: Alex - Sun Jul 21, 2019
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