New sports are always being invented. But will they become universal? I am in doubt about Kabbadi. Although, as this BBC article tells us, there's a UK women's team. What do you think? USA Kabbadi leagues with primetime ESPN coverage?

I am a little unclear how any ref could enforce this rule during the melee: "Then the raider tries to return to his own half, holding his breath and chanting the word "Kabaddi" during the whole raid."

I think the announcers though will rival the Latino ones who shout "GOOOOAAAL!" in soccer matches.
     Posted By: Paul - Sat Dec 22, 2012
     Category: Sports | Asia | Europe | India

Red Rover - Red Rover - Send Samhidi right over.

Whatever it takes to keep the huddled masses looking over there while the gubment is screwing them over here.
Posted by Expat47 in Athens, Greece on 12/22/12 at 11:29 AM
I used to watch Kabbadi in the 80's. It is more interesting than football or baseball.
Posted by dumbledoor on 12/24/12 at 05:35 AM
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