The CGI of 1985

1985 Clio Award winning Television commercial done for Canned Foods Information Council by San Francisco ad agency of Ketchum Communications. [This] spot, "Brilliance," won in Computer Animation category and featured a voice-over by motion picture star, Kathleen Turner.

     Posted By: Paul - Fri Jul 06, 2018
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This is timely for me. Over the last few weeks I've been reviewing the "Babylon 5" television series, mainly because it is a good story with rounded characters. Since it has been about ten years or so since I've last watched the series, this time around I've taken more notice of the efforts of the production company to blend live action and animation. Much of it holds up today, twenty five years after it was created.

The methods used for "Brilliance" are pretty much the same in use today for motion picture animation, whether on the small screen or large. Wire frame / vector models, motion capture using reference markers on models and lots and lots of computer time. Next time you watch a movie with heavy animation take notice of the number of animation companies listed in the end credits.
Posted by KDP on 07/06/18 at 11:18 AM
Fro 1985, that was amazing. I certainly wasn't going to make anything like that on my Speccy.
Posted by Richard Bos on 07/07/18 at 06:03 AM
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