Bailey’s Comets

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According to Mark Arnold's book, Think Pink! The Story of DePatie-Freling Productions, producing the show was a nightmare, due to the massive amount of characters. Not only did the series do extremely poorly in the ratings, it got so costly to produce it nearly broke the studio, curtailing production for that year.
     Posted By: Paul - Sun Aug 08, 2021
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Inspiration for that network production, "The Great Race" or what ever it is called?
Posted by KDP on 08/08/21 at 05:37 PM
I remember this cartoon, mainly because it was the only thing on on early Sunday mornings in the mid 1970s as we were getting ready for church. I had always assumed it was a Hanna-Barbera production.
Posted by Brian on 08/09/21 at 08:49 AM
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