Care Bear Abuse

Feb 1987: Wanting to do something special for her son, Jeania Denny wore a Care Bear costume to his school on Valentine's Day. However, she soon found herself being violently attacked by a crowd of sixth-graders. Said Denny, "I kept yelling at them to stop, that they were hurting me, but the more I yelled the more they attacked."

I've heard reports of children (and adults) at Disney theme parks hitting the costumed characters, which seems similar to what happened to Jeania Denny. In the minds of the children, the costume must dehumanize the wearer, which then makes it seem okay to hit them.

Tampa Bay Times - Feb 17, 1987

I'm guessing this was the type of costume that Denny was wearing:

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There are many reports of the costumed characters at Disney theme parks groping women when they aren't looking. That could well be the reason for many of them getting clobbered by customers.

Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 01/30/22 at 12:20 PM
adult temper tantrums are sad. Sue the school and make your owies a budget priority?grownups dont do that. How hard would it have been to calmy walk to a chair, sit down and wait until everyone got into listening position? Did the classroom teacher discuss courtesy to visitors in advance or just wing it?

Seems a little planning would have improved the outcome. The parent should accept their share of responsibility for the poor outcome.
Posted by tripichick on 01/30/22 at 05:16 PM
The most valuable instruction on a bottle of aspirin is: Keep Away From Children. Amen! When I don't go near kids, I have far fewer headaches. It sounds like she'd have had fewer body aches if she'd followed that advice.
Posted by Phideaux on 01/30/22 at 06:47 PM
It would have been helpful to get the teacher’s side of the story. If the kids were really attacking the woman, that’s really sad and pathetic. But if there was merely some accidental shoving, that’s something else. Kids at school can get pretty rowdy when something out of the ordinary occurs. I agree that poor planning on the adults’ part had a lot to do with the outcome.
Posted by Brian on 01/31/22 at 11:46 AM
So... she pretends not to be a human, and children react to her as if she isn't a human? Gosh. I don't take furries seriously, either.
Posted by Richard Bos on 02/03/22 at 12:50 PM
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