Chicken-Feather Cookies

We've posted before about weird things that food scientists have made flour out of, including sawdust, fish, and (of course) insects. Add chicken feathers to that list.

In 1976, Dr. A.L. Shewfelt of the University of Georgia experimented with transforming chicken feathers into a "highly digestible creamy-white powder" and then using this to make cookies. Most of the taste testers said the cookies were "pretty good," except for one who complained of a soapy taste — a result of the chemical solvent the feathers had been washed in.

I think the lesson here is that almost anything can taste okay if you turn it into a powder and add enough sugar to it.

The Atlanta Constitution - Mar 9, 1976

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We already have Soylent, developed by someone who views food as a time-consuming hassle and resolved to treat it as an engineering problem, per Wikipedia., if you want to read b/s like "Complete Nutrition. Science-Backed and Sustainable." Product recalls in 2016, due to including flour made from algae, so they switched to algal oil. Watch out when the scoops come!
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