The Environ Personal Retreat

The Environ Personal Retreat, sold by the Environ Corporation in the early 1980s, was designed to be a stress-free, self-improvement chamber. It offered programs such as "Relax and Affirm," "You and Food: New Scenarios," and "Self-Motivation for Winners." It came with a hefty price tag, $9000, but it was marketed at businesses, with the idea that they could de-stress and motivate their employees. Details from the LA Times - Nov 17, 1982:

The oval computerized enclosure is just big enough for one person, who enters through a sliding door and sits in an orthopedically designed body lounge equipped with oscillating massage, biofeedback pulse monitor and adjustable footrest.

Seated inside this exotic lounger, the user chooses one of 36 taped 20-minute human-potential programs, and the machine goes into action.

Ionized, filtered air is piped in, along with a pleasing natural scent. And while the taped verbal and music program plays, colored lights change in time with the text. If the user is listening to a business talk on self-motivation, for example, the capsule is bathed in stimulating orange and red lights. On the other hand, if the program deals with relaxation or stress reduction, the lighting is in soothing hues of green and blue.

White Plains Journal News - Jan 23, 1983

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That's actually the forerunner of the Orgasmatron as shown in the movie "Sleeper." Or a French street toilet that replaced the pissoirs.
Posted by KDP on 06/22/20 at 09:34 AM
Purified air, to which they add disgusting, stink-up perfume and spin it as "pleasing.".
The Orgasmatron:
Posted by Virtual in Carnate on 06/22/20 at 12:41 PM
Eventually someone WOULD have used it as a porta-potty. If Woody Allen had gone into the Environ, his neuroses probably would have trapped him there.
Posted by John on 06/22/20 at 06:28 PM
How many randy coworkers joined the Environ High Club?
Posted by Manimal on 06/22/20 at 10:13 PM
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