Miss National Car Care Queen

As far as I can tell, the selection of a "Miss National Car Care Queen" was a one-off event, not repeated in subsequent years.

But it managed to attract the attention of George Kirstein, owner of The Nation magazine, who included it in a story he wrote titled "The Day the Ads Stopped" (pdf), published in The Nation in June 1964. The story imagined a future America in which all advertising had been banned and as a result:

One could no longer discover from reading the Times, or any other paper, who had been named Miss National Car Care Queen or who had won the Miss Rheingold contest.

New York Daily News - May 11, 1964

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Doubly ironic, is that Avis' competitor (#3 but trying for #2) was National Car Rental.
Posted by Mike on 01/04/24 at 03:53 PM
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