Miss Wisconsin Cheese

Marvene Fischer won the title of Miss Wisconsin in 1948. The Armour food company then decided to name a brand of cheese 'Miss Wisconsin' in her honor. It simultaneously hired her to serve as the traveling ambassador for the brand. In this position, she became known as Miss Wisconsin Cheese.

She ended up working for nine years as Miss Wisconsin Cheese. During this time she reportedly traveled more than two million miles in 48 states, visited more than a thousand towns, and distributed over 15 tons of cheese samples in more than 8000 food stores.

Binghamton Press and Sun-Bulleting - June 6, 1951

Here are some more details about her job from the Portage Daily Register (Dec 21, 1953):

Miss Fischer's carefully planned visit to a town usually sets off a varied series of events, most of which are reported in the press and over radio and TV broadcasts.

She is greeted by mayors, governors, senators, congressmen, movie stars, chiefs of police, food editors, currently reigning local beauty queens, and other assorted celebrities.

Most of these meetings are highlighted by a formal presentation of a basket of cheese by Miss Fischer in exchange for a gift symbolic of the city being visited. She has received roses, posies, rhododendrons, wine, fruit, foam rubber pillows, cake, and Indian headdress, and any number of giant keys of the city. In St. Joseph, Mo., she was made a deputy sheriff. At the Rockingham Park race track, Miss Wisconsin Day was proclaimed in her honor. In San Francisco, she toured a submarine, and the event was officially publicized by the U.S. Navy.

Miss Fischer takes all this gracefully, in fact gives a continuous impression that it's all a lot of fun. Actually, a lot of good hard salesmanship is involved.

Miss Fischer does most of her traveling by air and prefers to travel alone. She says she has no need for a chaperone. "Why I have about 65,000 chaperones — all Armour employees," she says.

Glamour may be fleeting, figures Miss Fischer, but cheese is here to stay.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find many details about what became of Marvene Fischer after her time as Miss Wisconsin Cheese. The only info I came across was a listing for a Marvene Fischer, age 94, living in Wisconsin. About the right age, and living in the right state — so I'm guessing it's her.

Miss Wisconsin Cheese in Denver, 1949

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Why did you list her address and phone number? Kinda mean, don't you think?
Posted by Big Mike on 08/21/22 at 07:10 PM
Big Mike -- I had no intention to be mean. Just thought it was interesting that she seems to still be alive and living in Wisconsin. And to be fair, I didn't list that info. It's on the page I linked to. But I agree you're right it's best to not expose her to any possible unwanted publicity, so I'll remove the link. Better to be safe. Should have thought through that more before I threw up the link.
Posted by Alex on 08/22/22 at 01:21 PM
Wisconsin Cheese. Speaking as a European: no. Just no.
Posted by Richard Bos on 08/27/22 at 11:08 AM
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