The Girl on the Magazine Cover

     Posted By: Paul - Sun Mar 29, 2020
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Strangely enough, today (March 29) I spent part of the early afternoon watching a marathon channel for Mystery Science Theater 3000 and one of the movies was intercut with a short, of which I forget the subject. However, I do remember that the production company was Jam Dandy of which I'd never seen that name before. Now I've seen it twice in one day! Does W.U. have the ability to monitor what I'm viewing?
Posted by KDP on 03/29/20 at 09:40 PM
KDP: Sounds like you're experiencing the WU Quantum Brain Entanglement Phenomenon. Paul and I have experienced this quite often, often remarking that our posts will mysteriously echo each other, in oddly specific ways. It's interesting that the phenomenon now seems to be extending to readers.
Posted by Alex on 03/30/20 at 12:01 PM
Posted by Albert E. on 03/30/20 at 04:03 PM
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